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April 9, 2016
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Why is it so cheap abroad?

Cheap cosmetic surgery and dental work abroad

I often hear the question: why is it so cheap abroad? Is it possible to get high quality and cheap cosmetic surgery or dental work abroad? The answer is yes, it is. In this post I will explain to you how it is possible that you can save money and obtain high quality medical procedures in economically lower developed countries.
People who live in wealthier countries often do not understand how it is possible to obtain a high quality medical procedure paying half the price they would pay in their country. If something costs 50 Euros in Germany and 25 Euros in Hungary it can not be the same thing, right? No, that is not true.
Imagine this. A person hammering a nail into a wall in Eastern Europe gets paid half than the same person doing the same work in Western Europe. Does it mean the nail sticks to the wall only half as good as in Western Europe?

Few years ago when I was in Netherlands I stayed in a cheap hotel (old furniture, uncomfortable bed, exploited bathroom, no breakfast etc.) and I paid about 80 Euros/per night in a filthy room. Then I stayed in a luxury hotel in Warsaw and I paid… about 80 Euros per night. Why is it like that? People in Central, Eastern Europe countries earn very little money in comparison to people in Western Europe. Can you imagine that an educated person being a white collar worker earns less than 500 Euros per month. Unfortunately, in countries like Poland, Lithuania it is a normal thing. It happens very often that someone who is single is not able to run a household on his own, because he/she does not earn enough money. Some time ago I spoke to a professor living in a Eastern Europe country and he told me that 20 years earlier he was offered a job in a University in Western Europe. The scientist who offered him the job took him to his house- he had Mercedes cars and a yacht in the backyard. He told him: „Look, you wont have it in twenty years if you stay in your country” And he was right, he does not have it even though he is a professor.

If prices of plastic surgery or dental procedures were on the same level in eg. Bulgaria and UK a very few people in Bulgaria could buy them and the specialists/clinics would not make money. The prices of plastic surgeries/dental procedures are customized to the economical situation of the country, but for clinics they are affortable and they do not have to economize on quality. How is that? Costs of building, maintenance of a clinic, salaries of the medical staff etc. are much lower in Eastern Europe countries. The same amount of money has different value depending on the region of the world. You have to realize that even though for you a plastic surgery/dental procedure may be cheap but for most people in Eastern Europe it is a luxury.

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