Dental tourism. How to choose a dentist abroad.
Dental tourism. How to choose a dentist abroad?
December 8, 2016

Why and how to choose an injector abroad?

injector abroad

Injectable treatments (botox, fillers) are nonsurgical methods of smoothing out the wrinkles. Beside that, both botox and fillers have also different use, eg. botox is approved by FDA as a treatment for chronic migraines, fillers are used to smoothe out the scars or lips enlargment.
Injectable treatments rarely cause complications and results are usually immediate. After the procedure a patient can have a burning sensation, red coloration of the injected area, but injectable treatments do not reduce mobility. Sometimes fillers may be an alternative for plastic surgery, because they can be used to fill out the cheeks or modify the shape of the nose, so they may be an option for people who can’t, do not want or are not convinced to have a surgery.
It is best if your friends or family can recommend you a good injector abroad. If they can’t you have to rely on reviews on the internet. Unfortunately finding a large number of reliable reviews on the internet is very difficult.

In this post I will focus on how to choose an injector abroad. Is it worth it?

1. Costs

Injectable treatments are much cheaper than surgical methods, but the results are not permament. If you want to do eg. botox on forehead it doesn’t make sense to travel abroad only to have it done. Botox and fillers are much cheaper in Central and Eastern Europe than in Western Europe countries, but if you add additional costs of travel and much more time you have to spend to have it done, it is not worth it. In this situation I recommend doing this type of procedures during vacations, weekend trips or during conferences abroad. If you have more procedures to do like: botox and fillers on many areas you can save much money even if you travel only to undergo that procedures abroad.

2. Cosmeticians, cosmetologists?

You can find offers that a cosmetician or cosmetologist inject fillers or botox in a beauty salon. The cosmetician or cosmetologist is not a medical occupation. There were cases that cosmetician used wrong form of hyaluronic acid as a filler- it caused severe complications and a need of a long dermatological treatment.  You can find an opinion of society of aesthetic medicine doctors “POLME” (opinion is unavailable in English) that cosmeticians or cosmetologists shouldn’t do fillers injections. Usually cosmeticians and cosmetologists offer very good prices, but you have to be really careful if you want to choose their offer.

3. Dermatologist? Plastic surgeon? Or maybe…pediatrician

It happens that doctor who inject fillers or botox is a dentist, pediatrician, gynecologist….Of course, it happens that eg. a dentist is a really good specialist in aesthetic medicine, but if it is important to you to be injected by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist you should pay attention to doctor’s specalization.

4. Check the doctor’s credentials

Pay attention if the doctor you choose have additional courses and certificates in aesthetic medicine. It is important whether he is a member of aesthetic medicine societies and develops his skills. Pay attention to number of years of his occupational experience. You may ask how long he has been doing injectable treatments (if this information in unavailable on the website). Pay attention to proficiency in language on the website and doctor’s language skills when you contact him.

5. Analyze the photos of the clinic

Pay attention to the photos of the clinic. Does the clinic look clean and modern? Does the equipment look high technology? If you have any doubts about cleanliness you should choose a different offer.

If you need an advice on how to choose a plastic surgeon aborad- click!
Good luck!


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  1. Marie says:

    I absolutely agree that injectable treatments are much cheaper than surgeries. But of course it depends if you are Ok to undergo it more often because it is not permanent or you would prefer to have permanent result(surgery). And yes the first was my case, i decided for Euro-trip joined with this treatment however it was not painful. I had Hyaluronic acid applied around my nose and lips, because for my age i had so many wrinkles. It was very simple procedure and could go home straight after. I am glad i choose this Forme clinic in Prague, because there is plenty of thinks to see in the city. And not to forget i got proper care and very good result – my face looks finally smooth. And because it was still money worth it i will have it done again at the same place.

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