Dental tourism. How to choose a dentist abroad?

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September 20, 2016
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March 5, 2017

Dental tourism. How to choose a dentist abroad?

Dental tourism. How to choose a dentist abroad.

Dental service is very popular among medical tourists. Patients from Western Europe often go to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to undergo dental treatment, because they can save up to 70%. Medical tourists usually go abroad to obtain more complex dental treatment. There is a huge competition on dental tourism market. Selection criteria for choosing a dentist, injector or a plastic surgeon do not differ significantly, but I decided to devote separate articles on the choice of these specialists.  If you want to read how to choose a plastic surgeon- click!

  1. Consult your dentist

Consult your dentist or if you do not have one- go to the recommended dentist in your city. Ask him for the detailed information on the dental procedures (type of procedure, technique) you should obtain, possible complications etc. Tell him about your plans to travel overseas in order to get dental treatment.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Going abroad to obtain dental treatment is the most cost effective if you have much dental work to do. If you need only an extraction or a filling it does not make sense to travel abroad only to obtain these procedures. If you want to save money you can extract or clean teeth during vacation or business trip in eg. Central or Eastern Europe.

  1. Do the research

If your family or friends travelled to obtain dental procedures abroad ask them about their reviews, their experience. Do the research on the Internet, read carefully reviews on the websites, forums etc. Your friends, family reviews are more reliable than read on the Internet. Choose the most recommended clinics.

  1. Check the qualification of the dentist

Check qualifications of the dentist, his occupational experience, specializations, certificates. This information (eg. scans of the certificates) should be available on the dentist’s website. Contact the dentist, describe your problem and ask him what procedures (using what techniques) is he planning to do in your case and how long the effects of the procedure are expected to last. If you need prosthetic work you can check with which laboratory the clinic cooperates and what type of materials and technique do the laboratory use.

  1. Analyze the photos of the clinic

Pay special attention to the photos of the clinic. Does the clinic look clean? Does the equipment look modern and high- technology? Does the clinic have certificates proving high quality of their service and equipment?

  1. If you have any doubts

If you have any doubts you can contact as many clinics as you want and compare the answers, impression etc. You can also go to the local dentist  and share your doubts and ask for advice regarding eg. techniques, materials proposed by the dentist abroad.

  1. Cost of the procedures

It may be reasonable not to choose the cheepest offer. You should choose the clinic where good specialists are working and good quality materials, modern technique are used. Poor quality materials, outdated technique increase the risk of complications and unsustainability of the effect.

Good luck!


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