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June 1, 2016
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September 20, 2016

What are the medical tourism dangers and risks? Part 3

What are the medical tourism dangers and risks? Beauty Abroad Guide

In one of the previous posts I explained to you medical tourism dangers and risks associated with poor hygiene and sanitation standards and risks related to drugs and blood products abroad. If you haven’t read, I encourage you to do so- click. In this post I would like to continue this topic, but concentrate more on possible complications of the medical procedure and ethical, legal issues related to undergoing treatment abroad.

     1. Travelling back home after the surgery

I have already mentioned that travelling by plane after surgery might not be safe (especially on long distance). It can cause pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and blood clots. If you are at risk of thrombosis you should talk to your doctor about your plans. There are methods to reduce risks of thrombosis like: drinking a lot of water during the flight and walking on the airplane. Even if you have risk factors, the risk of developing thromobosis as a consequence of flight is low and no cases related to medical tourism have been already described. [1,2] American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests waiting before flying home 5- 7 days after body surgeries and 7- 10 days after face surgeries. [3]

If you travel back home by airplane after surgery your surgeon should fulfill and sign a medical care document. The form of this document depends on the airline, but it has to state that your condition allows flight.

     2. Follow up visits

Usually there are several follow up visits after the surgery and they are of great importance. During follow up visits the doctor assesses whether the patient follows post operation instructions and if the healing process goes well. Unfortunately one of the biggest limitation of medical tourism is difficulty in organising follow up visits. Patients may face problems with contacting the surgeon/clinic abroad after the surgery. Follow up visits may not be included in medical service abroad. Sometimes patients don’t want to travel abroad „only” for follow up visits, because it eg. generates costs, takes time etc. Patients have to realize that proprer care after the surgery is very important. No matter if the medical offer abroad includes follow up visits, medical tourists should organize them in their place of residence too. They should do it before the medical travel. In case of problems with organizing visits abroad they will have domestic specialists available.

     3. Responsibility of the medical team, legal, ethical issues

If you undergo a medical procedure, there is a risk of complications and unsatisfactory results. The reason for this may be eg. negligence of medical team, communication gap between patients and doctor and many more. The problem is that in case of malpractice it is often difficult to receive compensation abroad.[4] Patients’ rights and the rules governing the responsibility of medical personnel may be different. Asserting your rights could be very expensive and take a lot of time. It may be also very tiring (both mentally and physically), especially if patient suffer from serious complications after the procedure. Patients who have complications resulting from medical procedures abroad may become the responsibility of the domestic healthcare system. There are doubts about demands on doctors for providing aftercare for medical tourists. Some doctors don’t want to treat complications and perform the revision surgeries for medical tourists. Patients who have complications resulting from medical procedures in developing countries could be embarassed. It could result in delaying in seeking medical help and as a result of negligence requiring more money from public healthcare system.[5]

When you travel abroad you should also take into consideration differences in cultural aspects, religion etc. In case of complications you may be treated in a different way that you would be in your home country, due to ethical and religious differences.

     4. Countries with safety problems

When you are choosing your destination for medical travel you should take into consideration safety issues. Before you choose medical tourism destination you should check if there are internal conflicts, increased risks of attacks etc. Countries with an unstable situation may offer really great deals for medical tourists, because local problems cause the currency to collapse. It means that prices for foreigners may be really low. However, if you have concerns about your safety it is definitely not worth the risk. Safety first!


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  1. Mia says:

    This is truth article. Everyone who is traveling abroad to undergo plastic surgery should be aware of all the risks. I remember mine journey. I actually underwent surgery in Prague what is Europe, but because i did not know much this country(i just heard that it is beautiful city) i was little bit hesitating. But still went for it. Had few consultation what gave me that conviction that Forme clinic has professional surgeons with good reputation. And all that was truth. Got good care with good result. At the end my surgeon gave me some tips how to take care about myself and luckily everything went fine. After the surgery i never had issues to contact them we were in touch and i flew back once to have a check. And honestly it was still cheaper than Uk even with traveling.

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