Mission of the Site

High diagnosis and treatment costs cause growing interest in medical tourism. I decided to create (on the basis of experience, textbooks and scientific papers) a guide for medical tourists. The aim of this website is to give the best information about medical tourism and to be a guide for medical tourists traveling abroad especially to undergo plastic surgery or procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine and dentistry. The information on this website may be also useful for patients considering undergoing other types of procedures abroad or undergoing plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine in the place of residence. I would like to help you make the right decision and relay knowledge on how to choose a surgeon/injector/dentist, how to choose an offer, prepare to leave, what to expect during stay, how postoperative care should look like and much more. Many websites that sell offers provide information for patients, but these sites may not include comprehensive details of risk of medical tourism and expectations medical tourists should have. Information on this site is presented objectively and regularly added/ updated.

One of the biggest problems with medical tourism is the lack or small number of reviews on certain clinics abroad. It siginificantly complicates the choice of a doctor or a clinic. I decided to create the Reviews section, whose aim is to enable the exchange of stories and questions related to medical tourism. Feel free to ask and comment.

If you have any requests regarding content on the website and for business inquires please contact me contact@beautyabroadguide.com

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